Frequently Asked Questions

What are Q11 Photography's Terms & Conditions? 

-All appointments within 48hrs from the reservation time are final. Refunds are not provided, and payments are not transferable to future reservations inside of the 48hrs prior to the photoshoot. In the event that property, equipment, or props are damaged by you or your guests during your session, Q11 Photography has the right to withhold your photo gallery until payment for a replacement, or repair has been received.

What is Q11 Photography's refund policy?

- You're able to receive a full refund if your photoshoot is cancelled at least 48 hrs prior to your reservation. Refunds are not provided within 48 hr prior to the reservation.

What comes with the Executive Level Sessions?

- Our Executive Level Sessions are our premiere experience. These sessions are shot in our Executive Studio which includes our Executive Dressing Room and our premium props, fabrics, and our Infinity Wall. Take a look at our Executive Level Portfolio to see the kinds of shots created with this session.

If I'm running late to my appointment, what are my options?

- We have provided multiple options to assist in the unfortunate circumstance of events causing you to arrive late for your session. The first is to call our Reservations Department to make them aware, so they can communicate that to your photographer. Also, you can ask your photographer when you arrive if you are able to purchase a session extension (if there aren't other appointments after you). If you can't make your appointment at all, you can purchase Rescheduling Insurance to avoid losing out on your appointment investment. 

Does arriving late to my appointment interfere with my session time? 

- To ensure that every appointment begins on time, please know that late arrivals & "prep time" in the dressing room, will count against your session time. We recommend that you reserve a session with the amount of time that can accommodate your expectations for your session

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

- NOTE: All appointments 48hrs or less from the start time are 100% confirmed and unable to be changed, refunded, or canceled (unless appointment insurance has been purchased for said appointment).

- To cancel or reschedule an appointment that is more than 48hrs away, you'll need to create a log-in at the top of our home screen using the same email address that you entered during your booking process. All of your current, future, and past appointments should appear, allowing you to cancel or reschedule. 

Is the full payment required to book an appointment?

- Yes, for all photography services the full payment is required to reserve the appointment.

If I need to cancel my appointment, will I get my money back?

- Yes, absolutely. For all reservations, a full refund will be provided once the cancellation is received via our website if the cancellation is done outside of 48hr prior to the reservation.

How many poses/pictures and outfit changes come with my session? 

- Each of our packages come with UNLIMITED poses, photos, and outfit changes. The amount that you receive will vary based on the time it takes for you to change clothes, review your portraits, how many different backdrop colors you'd like to use, etc.

How many outfits can I do in 30min?

- 30min is usually enough time to do 1, maybe 2 outfit changes if you use the same backdrop color, and arrive on time.

Can I use the chairs/couches that I see on your Instagram page during my session?

- Yes, absolutely. You can rent one of our benches, couches, and box props using the "Q11 Store" page on our website.

What is the difference between Room A100, B100 & B300?

- There is no difference. At our facility, we have multiple studios that we utilize for sessions. Each is equipped with the exact same equipment, cameras, lighting, and lenses. Rooms that begin with "A" are located in Suite A, and rooms beginning with "B" are located in Suite B.

How soon will I get my pictures back after my appointment?

- You'll receive your complete photo gallery the same day of your session. 

How many edits come with my package?

- Most of our clients love their images without any retouching being needed, so to keep the costs down we stopped including them in our packages.  However, to purchase retouches after your session, simply click the shopping cart icon on the photo(s) that you would like to have retouched from your online gallery. 

How soon will I get my edits back after ordering?

- The typical turnaround time is 2-3 business days, unless you have a large order, or if a large order was placed before yours.

How do I let you know which pictures I would like to be retouched?

- We suggest that you wait until after your session to order your retouches so you can view your photos to see if they need to be retouched. After that, simply click the shopping cart icon on the photo(s) that you would like to have retouched from your online gallery

What is your company 's privacy policy regarding payment information?

- Q11 Photography respects the privacy of everyone that engages with our website, which is why we will never share your personal and proprietary information.